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Ladies' shirt, выкроить и сшить женскую рубашку

Сeгoдня рaзбeрeмся кaк выкрoить и сшить жeнскую рубaшку, при пoстрoeнии выкрoйки жeнскoй рубaшки стoит oбрaтить внимание на то, that women's shirt is very different from a man's shirt pattern. The main differences of patterns of women's shirts – form-fitting shape, A beautiful and delicate colors, ruffles and lace, will make you more attractive!

Before you begin the pattern shirt, think about, of what will be your shirt fabric.

Pattern female shirts constructed on the basis of dress patterns.
Сегодня будем раскраивать и шить женскую рубашку с бантом итак приступим к созданию выкройки женской рубашки, обведя заготовку главной выкройки платья.

Firstly, грудную выточу нужно сократить на 3 centimeters, tuck the top on the back - on 1,5 centimeters (See diagram at the bottom).
Armhole to deepen 1,5 centimeters.
Draw a longitudinal line, which later build the line reliefs.
Shoulder length 12 centimeters.
According to the scheme increase the front and back of the neck.
Draw a armhole.

Now draw a line on the front and the reliefs on the back half shirts.

Zauzte details front and back on the side lines and the lines of the relief in the waist.
The length of the shirt, choose what you want this. Aside from her down 5 centimeters, and draw a curly line. Mark the position of zipper on the left side seam.

On the right side in front of a place to check the cut – zip slit trimmings.

Then, mark the location of the buttons. "Copy" from the drawing trimmings (bottom of the page), close of the solution.

In the model presented to the elbow length sleeves, but you can do on your own pattern as the shirt sleeves with the submitted, and with longer and shorter.

So, Sleeve length to elbow. Increase the height of the rollback, omitting axillary line on 1 centimeters.
Fit sleeve to armhole, value landing drenched sleeves 3 centimeters. Cut the sleeves of Ocato, move them to the side, as shown in Figure, and place a new line of sleeves. Draw the cuffs. To do this you need to measure your wrist wrap, add 2 сантиметра на застежку и 0,5 сантиметра на свободное облегание (2,5 centimeters).

Now bow, Collar-size bow depends, what material you choose for your shirt pattern, but it is advisable to do single bow.

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