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Maternity-dress, шьем платье для беременной

Плaтья для бeрeмeнныx, кaк выкрoить и сшить плaтьe для бeрeмeннoй, выкрoйку платья для беременных будем строить из главной выкройки платья, But first build basic pattern dress.

Pattern dresses for pregnant women has its differences, way back in the middle draw a folded. Деталь выкройки переда платья надо увеличить (through the stomach), as well as increase and through the middle of the (look on the reference pattern dresses for pregnant women at the bottom of the page).

Raise the waistline, that it passes above the tummy and corrects for breast augmentation.

Received the items before we cut through the darts down from the center of the chest to the hips - again, on the hips - two, from the center of his chest before crossing the line side and cut armholes - three, from the center of the chest to the mid front line at an angle 90 degrees - four.

Окончили резать и начинаем увеличивать объемы.

To increase the waist pushing the detail pattern on the cut line from the center of the chest to the mid front line to 1,5 centimeters.
Also, shift the upper front part on 0,5 сантиметра влево. Draw a new line of our darts.

To increase the line tummy, Spread pattern detail on the waist to 3-4 centimeters (look at the pattern at the bottom of the page).

Draw a new waistline, departing from the center of the chest 7 сантиметра вниз.

After that, transfer the new inflated waistline pattern on the back.
Building a tuck on the back under the high waistline.

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