Sewing terms

Sewing Terms and Definitions, Terminology hand and machine work. List of sewing terms and definitions when used in hand and machine work.

Sweep - Connect two or more parts, approximately equal in size, Basting stitches.

Stitch - Connect two or more parts, approximately equal in size, a sewing machine.

Наметать - Connect the two parts, overlaid on one another.

Topstitch - Connect, make, two parts, overlaid on one another, a sewing machine.

Tack - Connect the little detail with a large part.

Stitch — соединить мелкую деталь с крупной деталью на швейной машинке.

Вметать — соединить две детали вкруговую.

Втачать — соединить две детали вкруговую на швейной машинке.

Заметать — закрепить подогнутые края деталей.

Застрочить — закрепить подогнутые края деталей на швейной машинке.

Sweep - Fasten the edges of parts direct or oblique Basting stitches.

Hem - Fix fold the hand stitching cuts permanent.

Kill - Attach accessories or finishing the product.

Proutyuzhivanie - Reduction of the thickness of the seam, fold or edge details.

Razutyuzhivanie - Layout allowances seams or folds apart and fixing them in this state.

Zautyuzhivanie - Bending the edges of seam allowances or folds in the same direction and fixing.

Sutyuzhivanie - Reducing the region or area of ​​tissue with iron.

Pulling - Lengthening edge detail.

Steam - Removal las (from the word "glossy"), resulting ironing.

Proutyuzhivanie - Remove stuck or folds on fabric.

Dekatirovka - Wetting and drying, ironing until the tissue.


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