Skirt-year, cut out and sew a skirt Year

Segodnya budem kroit and sew a skirt-gode, sostoyaschuyu of 8 klinev.
Like most of the other models of skirts, year pattern skirt is constructed from the main pattern straight double-seam skirt.

So, proceed to the construction pattern skirt-year, scheme of the pattern skirt the year is given below.

The front and rear half of the split in half by the hips, held vertical line, which transferred Tuck.

From the hips at the side and center lines pattern pieces postpone down 20 centimeters (depending on your preference, can be delayed as fewer and predominantly).

Total reported 6 points, 3 pattern on the front half, 3 on the back half. These points - centers of the circles for the construction year of skirts.

Next, from the marked points of the circles draw, retreating from the vertical to the sides at 8-15 centimeters, depending on your preference.

As a result,, of the 2-part main straight skirt pattern, we get 4 Part pattern skirts year.

If we recall, that revealed details straight skirt patterns were applied to the fold folded fabric, it turns, that just sew skirts year will carve 8 details.


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