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Pants for pregnant women, шьем брюки для беременной

Брюки для бeрeмeнныx, кaк выкрoить и сшить брюки для бeрeмeннoй, брюки кoтoрыe будут удoбны и прaктичны для беременной женщины.

Вполне по возможности построить выкройку и сшить удобные брюки для беременной женщины и главной секрет таких брюк – наличие эластичной вставки на передней части брюк, plus supporting function inflated line.

So, to build patterns of trousers for pregnant we need the basic pattern pants and first base it, and begin building a model of our pants.(Consider pattern pants for pregnant women at the bottom of the page)

The front half of pants patterns for pregnant women cut through the middle to the line height of the seat. Well as through the height of the seat is cut across the front half. Get two pushing the upper part of the line at the waist 4 centimeters (turn around points of, lying on the side and middle sections.

Length of the lines step slices subtract 1 сантиметра на обеих половинках выкройки брюк.

Extend the line up the middle to cut the front half 7 centimeters.

We draw a new, inflated waistline parallel with the old and above it on the 4 centimeters.

The final step will hold the upper edge of the front line, and mark half the area elastic inserts.

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